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We have been involved in construction since 1975. Our breath of experience covers all aspects of the construction process, including residential and commercial work. As a collaboration, our experience exceeds 60 + years.

Our start in the construction industry began in residential building and re-modeling. We also worked in cabinet and furniture making shops. Throughout the years we have developed our skills in a combination of markets and trades. Our proficiency included all aspects of construction including design, drafting, masonry, framing, drywall, electric, plumbing, tile, millwork, solid surface fabrication, and woodworking.

As we moved more into the commercial market our contracts included work on: sound studios, offices, nursing homes, restaurants, senior living complexes, apartments, townhouses, schools, churches and hospitals.

Our skills and quality have led us to installing medical equipment in hospitals and research facilities including stainless steel work and all the associated mechanicals.

Our focus is interior commercial build-outs along with architectural millwork, woodwork and trim. We are involved with all aspects of woodworking including building custom millwork on site and off, installing trim, millwork, doors, hardware, and windows. Our experience, skill and attention to detail have led us to also be proficient in the other areas necessary to complete any interior project.

As a general contractor we can handle your project from design advice to completion, and we offer management and superintendent services. We combine old school skill, experience and quality with todayís efficient construction techniques. The result is a quality product at competitive prices.

We have always put an emphasis on quality, safety, and attention to detail and adhering to the parameters of the schedule put before us by the customer or general contractor. Jobs have always been completed on time.

We have a safety program in place that is accepted by all general contractors. Our insurance more than covers the requirements for commercial jobs. We have OSHA certification. We have the ability to accommodate all situations for your interior construction project.

General Contractor or Contracted Superintendent / Project Manager
(Work also done by Peterson & Young, Inc.)

Valley Manor:
o Lobby Renovation
o (General Contractor)

Inn on Broadway / Bexley Hall
o Training Center & Offices
o (Superintendent / Project Manager)

Studios at Linden Oaks:
o Three year project-Interior construction of recording studio
o (General Contractor)

Jay Advertising:
o Several renovation projects at Linden Oaks offices
o (General Contractor)

Highlands of Pittsford:
o Several Renovation Projects to Facility:
o Bistro Construction
o Lounge/bar Construction
o Lobby Renovation
o Kitchen Renovation
o (Superintendent / Project Manager)

Regional Center for Independent Living:
o Renovations to East Ave. Facility
o (General Contractor)

Depaul Horizons (Canadaguia):
o Renovations to Facility
o (Superintendent / Project Manager)

Depaul Woodcrest Commons:
o Renovation to Facility
o (Superintendent / Project Manager)

Depaul Glenwell (Buffalo):
o Renovation to Facility
o (Superintendent / Project Manager)

Dejahlon Recording Studios:
o Two year project- Interior construction of East Ave Facility
o (General Contractor)

PCI Film Studios:
o Interior construction of Atlantic Ave Facility
o (General Contractor)

Jewish Home of Rochester:
o Renovation to Winton Road Facility
o (General Contractor)

Tube Tech Inc.
o Interior construction of Trolley Blvd. Facility
o (General Contractor)

Critics on the Mall
o Renovation of Restaurant
o (General Contractor)

Chaz Restaurant:
o Interior construction of Latta Road restaurant
o (General Contractor)

(Millwork, Trim, Doors, Hardware)

Via Health-Behavioral Health Network
o Genesee Hospital
o (trim & millwork)

Hobart College / School of the Arts
o (trim & millwork)

ESL Banks:
o Last 9 branches constructed
o (trim & millwork installation)

ESL ATM Canopies:
o 15 Locations
o (Framing, siding & trim)

Fast Ferry Terminal:
o (all millwork, trim and doors)

Knolls Atomic Laboratory (Lockheed/Martin)
o (trim & millwork)

West Town Village:
o Fire Restoration
o 59 units & Commons
o (all millwork, trim and doors)

Union Park:
o (all millwork, trim and doors)

Jewish Community Center:
o Renovations
o (all millwork, trim and doors)

Erie Station Village:
o 7 Buildings, 68 units
o (all millwork, trim and doors)

Cloverwood Senior Living Community:
o 64 Patio Homes
o (all millwork, trim and doors)

St. Annís Home:
o Two Year project-Complete renovation of Portland Ave facility
o (all millwork, hardwood trim and doors)

St. Johnís Meadows:
o Three Year project- 294 apartment units and commons areas
o (all millwork, trim and doors)

Ferris Hills (Canandaguia):
o 132 apartment units
o (doors & trim)

Depaul SRO :
o Dewey Ave facility- 90 units & commons areas
o (trim, millwork, doors, exterior gazebo)

Orchard Senior Apartments (Catskill):
o 24 units & commons areas
o (trim, millwork, Doors)

Pizzeria Uno (Henrietta & Victor):
o All custom oak work including bar

Carpenter Apartments (Elmira)
o 40 units
o (millwork)

Geneva YMCA:
o Renovation & restoration of facility
o (trim, wood restoration, staircases, doors)

St. Annís Chapel Oaks:
o 120 units
o (millwork)

St. Judes Apartments:
o 60 units
o (millwork)

Main Quest Rehab Facility:
o Renovation & Restoration
o (trim, wood restoration, doors)

Church of Latter Day Saints (Canadaguia)
o Renovation to Facility
o (trim, millwork, doors)

Eaglevale CC
o Interior construction
o (trim, millwork)


Installation of Medical Equipment
(operating room lights, sterilizers, washers & ss cabinetry)
Including renovation to facilities to accommodate equipment

Medical Research Building/ U of R
Getinge/Castle Showroom & Training Center
Strong Memorial Hospital
Highland Hospital
Genesee Hospital
Parkridge Hospital
Roswell Cancer Center (Buffalo)
Thompson Hospital (Canadaguia)
Bausch & Lomb
Westfall Surgery
Corning Glass Works

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